THIS IS NOT A RELIGION is one of six selected performances for Young Swedstage 2024! The chosen performances are a selection of the finest Swedish production for children and youth and will be presented at Bibu in Helsingborg. THIS IS NOT A RELIGION will be presented Wednesday 15ht of May at 13.00 and 15.30, book your tickets here!

THIS IS NOT A RELIGION, a breathtaking, immersive dance piece and the third part of Bobbi Lo Production’s trilogy on power and the abuse of power. A piece that makes space for the complex duality between the collective and the individual. Seven dancers will invite you and kindly but firmly take charge. They lead you on a journey of togetherness, in a meticulously choreographed mix of; movement, voice and very well composed music. But don’t worry, This is not a religion..
“The portrayal is touching and effective; in just 45 evocative and well-composed minutes, we are guided through the entire process of brainwashing.” Boel Gerell, review of This is not a religion, Sydsvenskan