In The Game the young audience take part as game pieces in a giant life-size board game. A gamemaster and 4 dancers guide the audience through the game of life. Inspired by young people’s stories, THE GAME is based on the worry and anxiety that more and more young people experience today. A performance that doesn’t stroke the audience by the hair, but takes the young people seriously  and gives them their own space for magnificent and sensory experiences.

The Game will premiere April 19th in Holstebro and perform on Aprilfestivalen April 23d.

Choreographer: Lava Markusson och Michael Tang

Costume and scenography design: Åsa Gjerstad

Composer: Jonatan Lundberg

Dancers: Matthew Rawcliffe, Marija Burceva, Jacob Lang, Ella Ström

Photo: Jonas Søgaard