Reali-tea premiered 2 of August in Galleri CC, Malmö

Excerpt from the review in Skånska Dagbladet:

“Intimacy and presence
New exciting scenes are created all the time. The rooms are warmed by the audience and the dancers’ bodies. You see beads of sweat on their foreheads. The dance is intense, very physical and expressive. The dancers look us in the eyes as they pass, and create closeness and presence. We are in Wonderland for better or for worse.

Although they do not really stick to Lewis Carroll’s classic, rather it is a loose interpretation. Yet it is clearly felt with its surrealism and lack of logic. Everything is distorted and the charismatic and energetic dance amplifies the emotions. It’s unpleasant, dark, happy, incomprehensible and humorous – just really good.

Together with the other dancers, Bobbi Lo Produktion have created a choreography that works in the small rooms. And they do that with honor. So I say one thing, keep an eye out for Bobbi Lo production in the future. I know I will.”