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We are finishing up our tour in Greenland with 6 shows at Taseralik Culture center in Sisimiut this week. We will be forever grateful for the people and nature we met so far, from rainy Nuuk to the wish island of Uummannaq our harts are filled with the experience. Thanks to all the adults and kids who open up their homes and hearts to us!

The tour is made possible with support by: Kulturrådet SE, NAPA, Nuna fonden, Augustinusfonden, Svensk Danska kulturfonden, Taseralik kulturhus and Kulturhuset Sermermiut.

Photo: Matilda Bjärum

DO AS I SAY on tour

Next week DO AS I SAY goes on tour in Skåne with SALTO. In the end of October the tour continues to Greenland with support by Kulturrådet, NAPA, Nuna fonden, Augustinusfonden and Svensk Danska kulturfonden. In 2022 we continue to tour internationally, stay tuned for more exciting places and tour dates.

Tour dates:

6-8 October Nybro

11-13 October Dansstationen in Malmö

21-22 October Dunkers kulturhus in Helsingborg

30-31 October Nuuk Nordisk festival

3-4 November Ilulissat, Sermermiut Culture house

8-9 November Uummannaq

15-17 November Sisimiut, Taseralik Culture house

10-14 January The Faroe Islands in collaboration with Listaleypurin

Faroe Islands

Today we are on our way to the Faroe Islands to start the second part of our creation process with the new piece “Farligir Fiskar”. After a two week long residence in Malmö supported by Danscentrum Syd and The Swedish Arts Grants Committee we are ready to bring this project back to the Faroe Islands. We are so excited to meet the children from Lítlaskúla again and collaborate with Nordens Hus where the premiere is going to be May 30th 2021.

Digital visning av DO AS I SAY

Under corona pandemin vill Bobbi Lo Produktion göra det möjligt för skolklasser att uppleva en inspelad version av föreställningen     DO AS I SAY med en efterföljande workshop/eftersamtal.

DO AS I SAY är en dansföreställning som vill synligöra sociala beteenden i frågor om mobbning och auktoritet, föreställningen är interaktiv och både publik och dansare får inspelade instruktioner från högtalaren. Vi vill att  publiken genom att delta i eller se föreställningen ska bli medveten om hur lätt man kan bli påverkad av en grupp eller auktoritet till ett önskat eller kanske mindre önskvärt beteende. Mobbning är ett stort och svårbemästrat problem vilket kräver mod för att ingripa. DO AS I SAY ställer detta på sin spets och får publiken att fundera över sina egna och andras beteenden genom att skapa nya tankar och känslor..

I skapelseprocessen av DO AS I SAY arbetade vi med ungdomar från Sverige och Danmark i åldern 16-18 år, de fick svara på frågor och reflektera kring mobbning och auktoriteter i deras vardag. 

I samband med visningen av föreställningen erbjuder vi en workshop/eftersamtal med en klass i taget. I workshopen har vi specialkonstruerat en rad instruktioner som eleverna får testa på plats i klassrummet, sedan  diskuterar vi upplevelsen av föreställningen genom att reflektera över vad de såg och hörde samt deras egna upplevelser av mobbning och auktoritet. Vi tar utgångspunkt i den lärarhandledning som hör till föreställningen. 


Invitation to #28solos28days

Do you miss a live performance? Then this is for you..

#28solos28days is a virtual dance festival on Instagram that premieres 1 feb 2021. 

Bobbi Lo Produktion have gathered 28 outstanding dancers from all over the world to participate in this project. You are invited to take part of a live solo performance every day of February. Tune in on our livestream at 12 pm noon CET at 

Moving, grooving, connecting and improvising together alone.. 

28 dancers will receive recorded instructions from the choreographer Michael Tang. Through improvisation they will interpret his words and perform them live on Instagram.

Choreographer: Michael Tang

Composer: Hans-Ole Amossen

In this project Bobbi Lo Produktion are collaborating with Skånes Dansteater, Black Box Dance Company, Regionteater Väst, DeLeónCompany and Gunilla Lind Danseteater.

Supported by: Statens Kunstfond


Bobbi Lo Produktion is looking for dancers with a strong connection to the Faroe Islands (it’s required to speak the language).

Bobbi Lo produktion is a dance company that focus on creating dance performances for children and youth. Our work is based on a concept where we allow children to take part and participate in a creative process. We make professional and high quality stage performances inspired by the fantasy and ideas of children. In the spring 2021 we will make a new piece in Torshavn together with a local school class, we are therefor looking for one or two dancers (m/f) from the Farro Islands.

We are looking for dancers with strong contemporary technique, with experience in improvisation, learning material and an interested in working with children. 

Rehearsal period in april and may 2021 both in Malmö, Sweden and in Torshavn, Farro Islands.

For more information about the company visit:

To apply send us: 

  • your CV with photo 
  • video link of improvisation 
  • showreel/dancefilm

Email: subject AUDITION 

Deadline for applications: 4 October 2020

After a preselection we will contact candidates for an online interview and dance audition.


We have performed Unplugged in Frederica and Middelfart the 8-9 of August. A serie of small pop up pieces in different outdoor locations around the cities. It was great to meet the audience again!

Dancers: Michael Tang, Jens Schyth Brøndum and Lava Markusson


Summer residency and company classes at Danscentrum Syd

We are so grateful that we have received a residency at Danscentrum Syd this summer, we will start the very exciting process of making “Gör som jag säger” together with this amazing cast: Maria Ulriksson, Moa Autio, Raphaël Eder Kastling and Jens Schyth Brøndum.

We want to invite interested dancers to company classes, there will have a warm-up class at Danscentrum Syd at 9.30 Monday to Friday in v. 28 and v.29. We offer a modern class that lasts 45-60 minutes and is based on improvisation combined with technique, yoga and physical exercises. The teacher of the class varies between Michael Tang, Lava Markusson, Maria Ulriksson and Jens Brøndum.

Due to current circumstances, we can only accept 5 dancers per class in addition to the company. It is first come first served, you can drop in or write a text message to Lava Markusson on phone number 070-5780287 to secure a place.

It’s free and we look forward to see you!

Residency at Danscentrum Syd

We are starting our research process with “Gör som jag säger” this week at Danscentrum syd, in collaboration with The Swedish Art Grants Committee. We are so happy that Jakub Mędrzycki from Poland is here to join the research. “Gör som jag säger” is an interactive work for 13-18 year olds that wants to make our social behavior visible on issues of bullying and discrimination. During the residency we have two meetings with school classes from Malmö Latin that are going to be our reference groups.

Greenland tour with “Noget lidt anderledes”

Our one month long tour in Greenland starts today. We are going to perform in:
Sisimiut, 27-28 January | Illulisat, 30 January | Ummannaq, 5 February | Paamiut, 11-12 February | Nuuk, 16-18 February | Kulusuk, 21 February

Supported by: Kulturrådet, Augustinusfonden, Sermeq puljen, Tips og Lottomidlerne, NAPA and Taseralik.