The common history of the Nordic countries goes back more than a thousand years. There have been periods of both friendship and war, but what colonial heritage and responsibilities do we northerners carry with us?

KOLONISTERNA is an interactive dance performance that directs a critical eye at our mutual history, which many prefer to forget, and at the colonial structures that prevail today. Embedded in a satirical atmosphere, the audience witnesses and participates in a study of power and the abuse of power. KOLONISTERNA is a cascade of choreography, voice and musical interplay in an interactive context where 5 dancers occupy and conquer the stage.


Anne Middelboe Christensen, Teateravisen:The consequences of colonization are one of the most urgent these years, when we in the Nordic countries are trying to face up to our own unpleasant history as colonists. Therefore, it is wonderful that KOLONISTERNA succeed so intensely as a current, dark dance of conscience with this multi-ethnic post-colonialist look at the past. Alongside the sensation of an authoritative leader’s grip on the shoulder.

Teacher from Rytmus in Malmö:Thanks again for the show yesterday. All the students loved it and were very touched. As I mentioned, they have just studied colonialism and expressed that they gained a deeper understanding thanks to the performance.

Audience impression:You have really made an impression on me today. What you did was so beautiful! Very very unique experience that was both impressive, confronting and touching.

Student from Pauliskolan:  “The first impression I got when entering the room was an eerie/mysterious feeling. After being seated I noticed the performers outfits and was really impressed as the fashion really added to the experience. The performance as a whole was very intriguing and intimate as it involved the audience whilst also retaining the mystery of the performance. A moment that I remembered was when the performers dropped the large “divider” which revealed the performer in a very beautiful way. I think that the biggest impression on me was the unique ambience and feeling that I got out of all the aspects combined such as things like the music, outfits, eye contact etc. I left the performance feeling positively surprised and also a feeling of refreshment as it was truly an experience that I never had before.”


Choreographer: Michael Tang and Lava Markusson

Dancers: Moa Autio, Jens Brøndum, Alexander Montgomery Andersen, Sarah Aviaja, Lava Markusson and Michael Tang

Composer: Hans-Ole Amossen

Set design: Sámal Blak

Artist/poster: Paarma Brandt

Light design: Tanya Theo Johansson

Photo: Alexandra Bergman

Video/trailer: Diego Monsiváis

Producer: Bobbi Lo Produktion AB


Premiere the 24 of November 2022 at Bastionen in Malmö

From 13 years old and up



Supported by

Kulturrådet, Augustinusfonden, Nordisk Kulturfond, Nordisk Kulturkontakt, Rum för Dans, Region Skåne, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Malmö Stad and Grape Design