Farliga Fiskar

Farliga Fiskar, (dangerous fish) is a dance performance for children created together with a school class from Torshavn in The Faroe Islands. What happens when we put children i charge of creating a fantasy world together with professionals artists? Farligir Fiskar is an abstract and adventurous tale that draws parallels between a surrealistic universe, our world’s climate problems, colonialization and identity.

The performance takes place in a multidimensional universe where everyone is called Kim and is completely alike. The Kim travels from planet to planet and stays on each planet until it’s destroyed. In this performance, they have arrived on the planet Mars, where they are trapped in a strange house, which at first glance just looks like a line. When they escape the house, they experience a world full of aliens, in the clash between the Kim and the aliens, the unexpected happens.


Choreographer: Lava Markusson SE

Idea and inspiration: Fourth grade from Lítlaskúla in Torshavn

Dancers: Rannvá Guðrunardóttir Niclasen FO, Michael Tang DK og Lava Markusson SE

Scenography: Sámal Blak FO

Composer: Hans Ole Amossen GL

Graphic designer: Inuuteq Nuka Kriegel GL

Artistic assistant: Búi Rouch FO

Photographer: Leit.fo / Finnur Justinussen


Premiere 30:th of may 2021 at Nordens Hus in Torshavn.

Target group: 6-9 year olds.



Supported by

Nordens hus på Färöarna, A-P Møller fonden, De  Færøske Kulturministerium – mentamálaradid, William dement fonden, NAPA, Torshavn kommune, Mentanagrunnur Landsins