Bobbi Lo Produktion creates innovative art for children and youth that speaks to all senses and therefore becomes open and inclusive. Led by artistic directors Lava Markusson and Michael Tang, Bobbi Lo Produktion has its base in Malmö and has produced artistic works for stage, digital festivals and commissions with premieres in Sweden and abroad since 2018. Bobbi Lo Produktion works to create a universe for its audiences where dance is the foundation and sound, costume and set design become a landscape to step into. With an articulate movement language and sharp aesthetics, Bobbi Lo Produktion creates performances where the audience gets to meet both themselves and the dancers very closely.

Bobbi Lo Produktion’s work is characterised by a strong physical expression, the themes of which is based on an interest in human behaviour and how art for young audiences can question and create dialogue around it. By creating provocative performances rooted in its time, Bobbi Lo Production works to provoke thoughts and reflections about our own existence, and society today.

Lava Markusson

Lava Markusson was born in Jokkmokk in northern Sweden. She received her education at P.A.R.T.S Balettakademien and Danshögskolan in Stockholm. Lava began her dance career at Norrdans in Härnösand where she worked with amongst others Mari Carrasco, Jo Strømgren and Thomas Noon. She has also been freelancing with different choreographers from Sweden and Norway such as Örjan Andersson, Ina Christel Johannessen, Ingun Bjørnsgaard and Camilla Ekelöf amongst others.
In 2015 she started to make her own choreographic work for children where she focus on making children co-artist in the process of creating dance performances. She has choreographed and been a dancer in ”Noget lidt anderledes”, ”Jag vet en hemlighet” and DO AS I SAY in collaboration with Bobbi Lo Produktion.

Michael Tang Markusson

Michael Tang Markusson was born in Jelling in Denmark. He received his education at Iwanson school of contemporary dance in 2009 and since then he have danced, taught and choreographed in many places, for people in all ages. In his career as a dancer he has worked with choreographers and companies such as Don Gnu, Regionteater Väst in Borås, Mari Carrasco, Helena Franzen, Nelson Rodriguez-Smith, Max Stone, René Vinther, Camilla Ekelöf, Charlotte Öfverholm, Lotte sigh, and many others.
In 2019 he danced in Bobbi Lo Productions productions ”Noget lidt anderledes” and ”Jag vet en hemlighet”. In 2020 he is both choreographing and dancing in DO AS I SAY. 

Associated artists

Sarah Aviaja Hammeken

Sarah Aviaja Hammeken is Danish, born in Copenhagen, with strong Greenlandic roots.
She’s educated from The Ballet Academy in Stockholm and has been a part of Compagnia Zappalà Danza’s youth company CZD2.
She has worked with choreographers like Ilenia Romano, Milan Tomášik, Roberto Zappalà, ilDance among others and is the artistic director for AVIAJA Dance, where she creates her own works. Sarah has been a part of “Noget lidt Anderledes” in 2019 and 2020.

Alexander Montgomery-Andersen

Alexander Montgomery-Andersen is a Danish-American Greenlander. Alexander grew up in Greenland and moved to Norway to study dance at Bårdar Dance Academy. He completed his studies in 2011. Since then, Alexander has participated in a number of different productions and projects. Alexander has danced choreographers such as Tony Stone, Chet Walker, National Theater of Greenland, Yggdrasil Dance Company, Christopher Arouni and Choreographer Duo Jossi Berg & Oded Graf. Alexander has also produced his own works and worked as a choreographer and artistic director for various productions. In the recent years, Alexanders personal artistic work has focused a lot on the exploration of the bodies physical limitations and how this can correlate with esthetics and evoke emotional responses with the audience. Alexander has been a part of “Noget lidt Anderledes” in 2019 and 2020.

Rannvá Guðrunardóttir Niclasen

Rannvá is a contemporary dancer and choreographer from the Faroe Islands. Growing up doing rhythmic gymnastics, she first began her dance training when she moved to Denmark at the age of 19 to attend the 1-year pre-professional training program at Stepz in Copenhagen. After graduating from Stepz Rannvá moved to New York to continue her dance training at Peridance Capezio Center’s Independent Program where she stayed for almost five years before moving back to the Faroe Islands. She has worked with Julia Ehrstrand, Seed Dance Company, The Ehrstrand Dance Collective, Max Stone, Yoshito Sakuraba, Elisabetta Minutoli, Jana Hicks, Marijke Eliasberg, Theresa Fervers, Vivake Khamsingsavath and others. She has also choreographed and showcased 10 of her own pieces since 2015, one of which was created in collaboration with vogue artist Luca Renzi under the name RANNVALUCA. Her choreographies have been performed in New York, Taiwan, Sweden and the Faroe Islands. Rannvá was one of the dancers in “Farligir FIskar” in 2021.

Búi Rouch

Búi Rouch is a multidisciplinary dance artist based in the Faroe Islands with strong connection to Munich and Berlin.
He studied acting in London, dance-theatre at Akademiet in Copenhagen as well as contemporary dance at Iwanson International in Munich. Following his graduation, he was an active member in and outside of the Munich dance scene for many years, working and collaborating with artists, directors and choreographers such as Katja Wachter, Ersan Montag, Romeo Castellucci, Cindy van Acker, Daphna Horenczyk, Katrin Schafitel, Cristina D’Alberto, Funda Gül Özcan, Ceren Oran and many others. He has also danced and performed with companies such as Det Ferøsche Compagnie and the companies of Johanna Richter, Johannes Härtl and Tomer Zirkilevich. Búi was the artistic assistant in “Farligir Fiskar” in 2021.

Moa Autio

Moa Autio received her Bachelor’s degree in Dance 2011 from DOCH.
She works as a freelancer both as a dancer and choreographer and has amongst others worked with choreographers such as Åsa Unander Scharin, Gilda Stillbäck, Robin Dingemans, Ellen Söderhult and Marie Wårell. For Moa, dance is stimulating, challenging and complex. An art form that can give us the opportunity for other or new experiences and ways of experiencing the world. She is interested in topics related to human behavior, relationships, heritage and identity. Moa has been a dancer in #28solos28days and DO AS I SAY in 2020 and 2021.

Kristian Refslund

Kristian Refslund educated himself in Munich and Rotterdam with a BA in Dance in 2009 before starting as a professional with Norrdans, Sweden.
There he worked with Ohad Naharin, Mats Ek, Charlotta Övferholm, Martin Forsberg among others. He then freelanced in Copenhagen where he taught and worked for Sasha Waltz in Berlin. Since 2015 he has been a dancer in Skånes Dansteater, where he performed works of Marina Mascarel, Melanie Demers and Laila Daillo, Alexander Ekman etc. Kristian was one of the dancers in #28solos28days and DO AS I SAY in 2020 and 2021.

Matilda Bjärum

Matilda Bjärum received her First Honours Degree at Northern School of Contemporary Dance and she is now writing her master thesis via London Contemporary Dance School.
She has through Schottish Dance Theatre performed pieces by choreographers such as Emmanuel Gat, Janine Harrington, Colette Sadler and 7oito. In her current freelance career she has worked with Alexandra Prici, Sababa Co. Vloiestof and moOv. Matilda specifically treasures play and pleasure within dance and enjoys discovering how these continuously influence performance presence and creative processes. Matilda is one of the dancers in DO AS I SAY in 2021.

Jens Schyth Brøndum

Jens Schyth Brøndum is a contemporary movement artist born in Guatemala City, trained in the US and currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He received his BA in Dance and Choreography from The Danish National School of Performing Arts in 2015. As a dancer, Jens performed with Sita Ostheimer Company 2016-2020 touring pieces such as “Molimo” and “US” throughout Europe and Asia. In Denmark, Jens recently worked with Uppercut Dance Theater in “Benched” for CPH Summer Dance 2021 and continues his close collaboration with choreographer, Anja Gaardbo (Gaardbodans). Jens founded the Reumert nominated DeLeónCompany in 2013 and has worked for the company since. Jens was a dancer in #28solos28days and DO AS I SAY in 2020 and 2021.

Maria Ulriksson

Maria Ulriksson has a bachelor degree of fine arts from DOCH and has also educated herself at Escola Superior de Danca in Lisbon and Dance New Amsterdam in New York. As a dancer she likes to be challenged by different artists with various working methods. She thrives where she can develop her creativity with improvisation, voice work and composition, but she also likes to interpret roles, character work and set repertoire. Maria has worked in companies as well as freelance and has worked with choreographers such as Martin Forsberg, Helena Franzén and Mari Carrasco to name a few. Maria was a dancer in #28solos28days and DO AS I SAY 2020 and 2021 and artistic assistant for “Jag vet en hemlighet” in 2019.

Sámal Blak

Sámal Blak was born and raised in the Faroe Islands and studied set design at Central Saint Mattis in London. Through his work, Sámal has won “The Linbury Prize for Stage Design 2009 and his work includes the following productions: Don Giovanni, The Marriage of Figaro, Carmen and Cosí Fan Tutte at the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, Hamlet at the Gothenburg Opera, Dance Nation at the Almeida Theater and much more. Samál made the set design for “Farligir Fiskar” in 2021.

Hans-Ole Amossen

Hans-Ole Amossen comes from a very musical family. He started composing music from an early age and grew interest in showbiz throughout the years. He is an educated sound engineer from Frederikshavn eventtekniker uddannelse, beside working as a professional musician he works with several theater productions both as music composer or audio/ lighting designer. Hans-Ole has worked with Bobbi Lo Produktion 2019 and 2020, he created the light design for ”Noget lidt anderledes” and tour the production as technician. In 2021 he is composing the music for “Farligir Fiskar”.

Jonatan Lundberg

Jonatan Lundberg have been working as a composer and musician since 2003. He has released a solo record under the artist name Jester and has starred in films like ”Vildängel” and ”Lusten till ett liv”. Jonathan has a close collaboration with Bobbi Lo produktion and has previously composed the music for ”Det där var min idé”, ”Noget lidt anderledes”, ”Jag vet en hemlighet” and “Do as I say”.

Inuuteq Kriegel

Inuuteq Kriegel was born in Aasiaat in northern Greenland, but was raised in Nuuk. His interest in photography began when he got his first camera at age 17.
Inuuteq has a degree in journalism from the University of Greenland. As a part of his studies in journalism, he took a semester at the Danish School of Media & Journalism, where he studied International Photojournalism. Inuuteq has exhibited his photography in six different countries and has been a part of a few book releases.
Inuuteq has worked with Bobbi Lo Produktion in 2019 and 2020, where he worked as a photographer and a videographer for “Noget lidt anderledes”.
Inuuteq works in the department of communication in Royal Greenland and works with photography in his spare time.